Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Understanding Pnina Peri

Different copies of this clip have gone viral in Israel lately:

What's happening here?

An Israeli woman mocked a Chabad rabbi at Ben Gurion Airport as he helped another man don tefillin.

The woman, whose actions were captured on a cellphone video posted on Facebook, mocked the men, laughing and screeching on Monday morning as they practiced the religious rite. She yelled at them in Hebrew to “move because you are bothering me” and asked rhetorically, “Why are you doing this here? There are people here.”

Several people in the terminal ask her to tone down, but instead she became louder.

The video, which has had more than 300,000 views since Monday, was posted by Gad Kaufman, the businessman who put on the tefillin with the help of the Chabad rabbi manning a booth at the airport.

Kaufman, who was leaving Israel for a business trip, wrote a post in the Hebrew with the video.

“An amazing incident took place this morning at the airport, when I was politely asked by a Chabad man if I wanted to put on tefillin,” he wrote. “I said yes, and then a woman with a crazy look jumped up and started cursing, harassing and disturbing! It is really shameful that being a Jew in this country means being persecuted by leftist Bohemians. If I were a Muslim or a Christian, would it be more legitimate for her …?”

The woman was identified by the Israel National News website as Pnina Peri, the head of the Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies at the University of Maryland. Peri, who formerly taught at Israel’s Sapir Academic College, is an expert in multicultural theories. Her husband, Yoram Peri, served as president of the New Israel Fund, which supports left-wing causes, from 1999 to 2001.

Many of the responses to the video criticized the woman for her actions. Several also praised the Chabad rabbi, identified by Channel 20, a religious news station, as Rabbi Meir Herzl, the director of the Chabad House in the Jerusalem suburb of Pisgat Zeev, for his restraint in not responding to her.

The lady has been throughly criticized for her behavior on Israeli social media. I would like to offer my insight into her unseemly behavior.

This lady has a pure and holy Jewish soul. When she saw a Jew happily accept the opportunity of performing the mitzvah of tefilin, that Jewish soul was aroused. That made Ms. Peri feel very uncomfortable. It is something that she has probably been educated to suppress. This outburst was just her way of stamping out this arousement of her holy Jewish soul.

One can certainly learn a lesson from this embarrasing clip. As the Mishnah states,

"Contemplate three things, and you will not come to the hands of transgression: Know what is above from you: a seeing eye, a listening ear, and all your deeds being inscribed in a book."
What will be with me when my time comes, and the heavenly tribunal will show me all of the "clips" where I am the star?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018

Birkat HaIlanot - Blessing the Trees in Israel in the Month of Nissan

It's that time of year again! So long winter, hello spring! I prefer to make this blessing on the trees that Shalom Sherki hy"d planted:

Here is a nice clip that explains this blessing:

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The "National Union" Party's "Jewish Israel" Platform

Tuesday night I walked down to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jerusalem to take part in the National Union Party's christening of their "Jewish Israel" platform. The platform lays out the party's stance on several of the issues facing Israel and the Jewish People today.

One of the issues discussed was the observance of the Sabbath in the public domain. This is one of the major points of contention in Israel. For the observant Jew, the Sabbath is the Holy of Holies, and he is ready to sacrifice much in order to observe it. For others, the Sabbath is less important, and what interests them is having public transportation and open stores to shop at on their day off from work.

The National Union is proposing that the Israeli work week be changed to be in synch with most of the world. Instead of working from Sunday to Thursday, Israel will work from Monday to Friday (finishing work on Friday early enough to prepare for the Sabbath). The idea is that Sunday will be the day off where Israelis can go to the beach, shop, etc. and the Sabbath will be more strictly kept in the public sphere.

This is a very major idea, a game changer. I think that it is worth a try.

Predictably, the press ignored this item and concentrated on Rabbi Yehoshua's remarks on the LGBT issue:

“I have invested many hours in helping those who have difficulty in this area [of homosexuality],” he said. “But there is an illness that is spreading and taking over. We’re becoming a country that looks more and more like LGBT-stan.”
It was a great speech. Here's a pic:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Aly Raisman on Being Jewish

It's been a while since we've heard Aly Raisman talk about her Jewishness:
Aly Raisman, the Olympic gold medalist gymnast, told a BBYO conference she drew strength from her Jewish upbringing.

Raisman, addressing the pluralistic youth movement’s annual conference in Orlando, Florida on Friday, said she wanted to “talk about how proud I am to be a Jewish athlete,” which drew cheers.

“Being Jewish is all about family and I think being Jewish is all about being a good person,” she said. “I have so many amazing memories of being with family during the Jewish holidays.”

Of course she is right. Being Jewish is about being a good person. However, there are plenty of good people from other nations and faiths. I've met many fine Catholics, Protestants, Koreans, Irishmen, and Italians, just to mention a few. Being Jewish is also about being a good Jew: Being faithful to God, His Torah, and His nation. It is something that encompasses every aspect of life. It is something that one must devote a lot of time to learn.

But who is going to listen to me? I haven't won any gold medals.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Tel Aviv Social Activist May Golan Totally Destroys Radical Leftist Journalist Larry Derfner

You may remember Larry Derfner as the journalist who was fired from the Jerusalem Post for justifying terrorism. He made another big mistake recently trying to debate May Golan:

Here's the full interview:

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