Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thank God For The State Of Israel!

Thank God for the state of Israel! With all of its shortcomings and problems, thank God for the state of Israel!

Many people tend to be ingrates, to concentrate on the negative, to be like flies that always land on the open wound and ignore the healthy flesh. Not I. Thank God for the state of Israel!

In our internet age, people are often superficial and ignorant, aware only of what was written in the last pop-up window. So let's remember what it was like to be a Jew about 70 years ago in Germany. Let's remember the world's reaction to the plight of the Jews.

We really do have so much to be thankful for, if you really think about it.

Thank God for the state of Israel!


The real me said...

Lets remember what it was like to be a jew last summer, or how about a few months ago at Amona.

If you invoke Germany, frankly the jews are safer and better reprsented here in the US. And to answer your Q that another Holocust could happen here in the US, and that Israel is the only truly safe place, people are being killed there all the time without the goverment doing anything, and the Jewish Gov deported jews.

Cosmic X said...


Wow, I am amazed that somebody saw this post.

muse said...

What about all the families exiled from their homes by the Israeli government? And what about those of us who were told to get packing?

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