Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ignorant Musician Visiting Israel Alert

This guy has obviously been on the "dark side of the moon" for too long.


Soccer Dad said...

good to see you back! Even for a short visit.

Then there was the Pink Floyd album, the Final Cut which portrayed Menachem Begin in a very unfavorable light. It may not have been anti-Israel in that Margaret Thatcher was portrayed in the same way, but still disconcerting.

Unlike Sting, it appears that Waters hasn't reconsidered his view of the Jewish state.

-canuck- said...

all in all hes just another prick at the wall

seriously....where is the balance...what has he said about the terrorism that this wall is helping to prevent?

Cosmic X said...




I see that you are a friend of Israel. Keep up the good work!

The Town Crier said...


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