Thursday, September 14, 2006

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Australian Activist Realizes The Truth

The ISM-Terror Connection (hat tip: Backspin)

Media Monkeys on our Backs

The Palestinian Arab Death Cult Lifestyle

No longer the political fringe

From 9/11 to 9/13

Update: Yesterday I blogged about commuting to Tel Aviv, and today I read the following at INN:
The Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, known as the ‘white elephant’ of Tel Aviv, may be shut due to deficient safety conditions. The building opened to the public in 1993 after decades from planning to construction, a structure that has been plagued with misfortune since opening day.

Tel Aviv City Hall officials on Thursday will call upon the city’s magistrate’s court to issue the closure order after determining the central bus station lacks an adequate sprinkler system, adding there are other safety hazards as well.

Bus station operators state this is not so, but City Hall insists that due to the safety violations, the bus station’s operating permit will not be renewed.
With all of the deficiencies of the "new" Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, the old one was worse! Let's see what happens.

Another update:

Goodbye Barak (and good riddance)


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