Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Street named after Kahane irks residents Ynetnews

Ynetnews descends to new lows with this article, accusing Rabbi Meir Kahane z"l of racism. Apparently they believe that if you repeat a lie enough times then it becomes truth:
All of this well-documented racist behavior, however, didn't stop Or Akiva from naming a street in his honor, causing residents to respond with outrage.
I've already blogged that Rabbi Kahane was not a racist. Not only that, but here is the "documentation" mentioned in the article:
Kahane founded Kach, a party which advocated transferring Palestinians out of the territories for monetary compensation and annexing those territories as part of an ideology believing in the concept of 'a greater Israel .'

The party won one seat in the 1984 Knesset and was subsequently banned from participating in future elections after the Election Law was amended to bar lists that incite racism.

He also founded the Jewish Defense League (JDL), which is listed by the FBI as a terrorist group.

Kahane was murdered by El Sayyid Nosair in 1990 after a speech in New York.
Wow, what great documentation!

The remarks of the mayor of Or Akiva contradict the entire essence of the article:
Or Akiva Mayor Simcha Yosifuv responded to the outcry on Monday, saying that "the decision to name a street after him was made 15 years ago. I wasn't the mayor then. It's a dead-end alley and in the four years I've been mayor not a single person has come forward to complain about it.

"He was a Jew who was murdered by fanatics because of his opinions. If any resident has a problem with the street we will bring the matter to the city council for discussion."


Anonymous said...


Irv Rubin, the abrasive chairman of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), was arrested Dec. 12 for his part in an alleged plot to bomb the office of Arab-American Congressman Darrell Issa and the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, Calif. Rubin, 56, and JDL West Coast Coordinator Earl Krugel, 59, were indicted in January 2002 on charges of conspiracy, attempted arson, possession of illegal weapons and possession of a destructive device. Rubin eventually killed himself, Krugel pled guilty, was sentenced to twenty years in prison, where he was later murdered.

The JDL, listed as a terrorist group by the US, Canada, EU and Israel, has a long history of bombing, assaulting and threatening its perceived enemies. Its targets have included the Soviet Union, neo-Nazi activists, Palestinian leaders, prominent black Americans, and even Jewish moderates.

The JDL does not represent the ethics, practices and beliefs of Judaism, and has been condemned by mainstream Jewish organizations and leading Jewish figures.

Also see:

Cosmic X said...

Rev. Sutter,

What you wrote has nothing to do with my claim that Rabbi Kahane was not a racist. Perhaps you did not read it.

Cosmic X said...


I think that you should try concentrating on what Rev. Sutter wrote rather than who he is. BTW, what in the world is "Achum"? :)

JeanetteVictoria said...

He has also claimed to have 26 years in counter terrorism.

(26 years counter terrorism claim)

Yet he didn't Lieutenant Commander is abbreviated as LCDR, not LDCR.

Rev. Jim Sutter
LDCR, USN (ret.)
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

'Rev Jim's Profile' (updated Dec 23, 2006) says he is 51.

Now reads what he wrote about himself sept 1995 bit.listserv.ada-law this doesn't match this up with his claims of being in the navy for 26 years. Unless of course he was *disabled* while in the Navy.

"Most of you know I am quite ill, with cancer, Stage 4 congestive heart failure, chronic hypoxemia, asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, incomplete SCI at T-12, spinal arthritis, uncoordinated parastalsys, and a brain tumor. I am not expected to make it to the end of this year. At first I said "Yeah, I'm too young and handsome to die", but now I'm not so sure that I'm so young anymore. :>) It is taking a very long time to bounce back from my last heart attack, in August."

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