Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Channuka Thoughts

Ever since I published "Rabbi Melamed on the Dangers of Internet" I wanted to write another post on the subject.

The post would deal with your average religious (not ultra-Orthodox) family in Israel. They invest very heavily in their children. The won't send their kids to the regular State run religious schools because the level of these schools is not high enough for them. Instead the children get sent to private schools, and the parents end up spending a lot of money on tuition. Remember that we are talking about a religious families that are often very large!

Now these kids come home from school and what do they find in their home? They find cable television and unfiltered internet. Half an hour in front of either one of them is enough to destroy all of the midot tovot and yirat shamaim that their parents, rabbis and teachers work so hard to implant within them.

One of these days perhaps I will write a post about this. In the meantime this is something to think about as you light the candles.

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