Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where are the Protests?

Why aren't people taking to the streets to protest the disastrous policies of Ehud Olmert? Caroline Glick has the answer:
Simply stated, between the media's intimidation and the official harassment of citizens who dare to protest or even disagree with the government's policies, the public has simply lost faith its ability to influence the course of the country. This sense of disenfranchisement has demoralized the public into silence.


yaak said...

An example of this intimidation and official harrassment can be found here.

Ajachi said...

It's really sad that the Israel built by people like Ben Gurion and Golda Meir is being ruined by the policies of weak leaders who are busier having affairs than protecting their land. I am not Israeli. I am neither a Jew. But my admiration for the spirit and tenacity of the Israeli people is immense. However, it is very hard to be a Zionist today with people like Ehud Olmert and Eli Yishai.
Israel needs a Moses today who can take them away from the strife they face and make it they country it deserves to be.

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