Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Please Pray For IDF Officer Aharon Karov

From INN:
IDF officer Aharon Karov was critically wounded Monday night in Gaza by a blast from a booby trap. Karov was married only a week and a half ago to Tzvia Mordechai, and the morning after his wedding, he was off to war.

Aharon, who is from the Samaria community of Karnei Shomron, is a second lieutenant in the Paratroopers Brigade. He commanded a company in ground fighting in North Gaza until being injured. Before joining the army, Aharon studied in a yeshiva (school for religious study) in Netzarim, one of the Jewish communities destroyed in the 2005 Israeli Disengagement from Gaza.

Aharon's family has asked that the public pray for his recovery. His Hebrew name is Aharon Yehoshua Ben Chaya Shoshanna.

Two and a half weeks ago, before Operation Cast Lead began, Aharon received leave from his unit to attend the traditional Sabbath celebration before his wedding. On the morning of that Saturday, the air force began bombing Gaza. Aharon had just finished the Sabbath prayers and sat down to eat lunch when his commanders decided to call him back to base in case a ground offensive in Gaza began.

The following week, Aharon was in the army preparing for the ground offensive set to begin any moment. On Tuesday evening his commanders decided to allow him to go home to prepare for his wedding on Thursday night. Aharon and Tzvia were married as planned, but the next morning the IDF already called Aharon back to base. By Saturday evening the army had begun its ground offensive, and with them, Aharon Karov in command of his Paratrooper company.

On Monday night, Aharon was wounded critically and two other soldiers moderately from a blast within a booby trapped home in Northern Gaza. Searches of the home after the blast uncovered another explosive device and a Hamas military vest.

Aharon's father, Rabbi Zev Karov, explained how a newly married groom could make such a sacrifice. "According to Jewish law, in a war of self defense even a newly married groom must fight," he explained. "More than that, [Aharon] is a commander who knows his soldiers, has prepared them, and knows what must be done. He couldn't just leave them on their own." Karov added that, "The bride was at first shocked, but then she understood that sometimes personal interests must be second to the common good."
What is really strange about this is the article that Rabbi Zev Karov published in last Shabbat's issue of Rosh Yehudi. Here's a scan of the article:

Update: You can see a press conference with Rabbi Zev Karov here.

Update: Here's the video in English.

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