Friday, March 13, 2009

The Shalit Manipulation

The Israeli MSM is currently engaged in a shameless campaign to free Gil'ad Shalit at any price. Here's a courageous article from Yaron Dekel, Channel 1’s political commentator, where he takes the media to task. A snippet:
They forgot the victims, and the counter protest tent of those opposed to a deal was dismantled within 24 hours.

It’s also difficult to find reports about the ramifications of this deal. Reports that not only ask what the terrorists could do once they are be released, but also a wider discussion about the impact this deal will have on IDF operations in the future, on the combat doctrine and efforts to sacrifice lives rather than fall into captivity, and about the issue of capturing terrorists alive in order to try them in Israel, knowing that the verdict is temporary until the next abduction.

The media has chosen to serve the Shalit family and not the public interest. But good journalism is tested in difficult times, not easy times.

It’s tested in its ability to stimulate a debate, to protest, to fuel an argument, raise doubts and create cracks in a monolithic public opinion. The same goes for peace times as in times of war. Journalism has a decisive role to play in a democratic society. Its role is not to move hearts.


Anonymous said...

I wrote about the same thing, except I was more specific on Gilad's family and the people who have joined the protests.

I understand his father's pain, but this whole "at any cost" mentality is ridiculous really.

The families of the victims of terror, and even more importantly, those families who will become victims should those hundreds of terrorists be released.

Everyone knows anyway, that Olmert is only pushing the issue for political points--once his final exit is completed, the steam train of justice is going to run him over. And he believes that if he can get Shalit released, the public opinion will have mercy of his corruption.

趙又廷Mark said...
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