Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama is Despised in Israel

Amnon Lord got it right:
Thus Obama, who initially was much admired by many in Israel, has failed in his attempt to create a political crisis here and instead reaped a harvest of hatred. These days he is despised in Israel, with his lack of moral fiber regarding Iran and the elections putsch there adding fuel to the fire. Both his policy toward Iran and that regarding Israel have exposed US weaknesses.
This blogger did not pay too much attention to the elections in the U.S.A. Obama revealed himself as a sleaze bag to me and others here is Israel during his Cairo speech. His racist policies with regards to where Jews are allowed to live are just a continuation of his sleaziness. BO stinks!


Anonymous said...

Since his Cairo speech & especially since the demand for a settlement freeze particularly in Jerusalem, people I know refer to Obama in terms that cannot be written in a public forum. But, we all know those words, don't we?

AS said...

In the US his popularity is decreasing dramatically as people are starting to see him for what he truly is "a lot of hot air".

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