Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ha'aretz Reaches a New Low

Just when you thought that they couldn't sink any lower. Check out

They even have a "pledge" which is total lunacy:
Dear President Obama,

Please know that I share your sense of urgency to bring peace to the Middle East.

Therefore, I pledge:

* to back your committed and persistent leadership in support of a negotiated two-state solution

* to work within my communities to build the political will that will enable you to take decisive and bold steps -- and to urge Congress to support you in this endeavor

* to make it known that an American President who dedicates himself to establishing a durable Israeli-Palestinian peace acts in the best interests of Israelis, Palestinians, the United States and our allies

* to support you in staying the course through difficult times and to celebrate your successes

In Hebrew, the words for wind and for spirit are one and the same -- ruach. As you work for peace, I promise that the ruach of the American Jewish people and our friends in the pro-Israel community will be at your back.
It's a shame to see that these people are supporting someone who openly speaks falsehood and has adopted the Arab narrative with regards to the Middle East. It's funny to see how agenda driven Ha'aretz has become.


Anonymous said...

Am I understanding you correctly? You are claiming that this group has reached a "new low" because they advocate a two-state solution, to end decades of Palestinian suffering, malnutrition, and bullying by Israel?
Before I learned about what was happening there, I was completely against the Palestinians, and still am against Hamas and other terrorist groups that should be brought to justice for randomly killing innocent civilians.
But too much information regarding what Israel has done and is doing to Palestinians has surfaced, as well as Israel's attempt to suppress that information. Millions of Israeli's support a separate state, and it is the Israeli "hardliners" that continue this misery, not the Palestinians. My switch in attitude wasn't caused by the Palestinians fanatics who want to "wipe Israel out". It was caused by the Israeli right that advocates and continues brutality in the Palestinian territory after three decades. Not to mention the Israeli government's cynical use of its own citizens, shoving thousands of settlers into Palestinian territory then claiming "Whoops, can't unscramble this egg; too many Israelis have settled there now!"
Pretty cynical, and pretty dishonest; like your blog.

Anonymous said...

considering israel killed over 500 women and kids in gaza, many holdin white flags of surrender you should be glad we're not dropping bombs on you. israel is nothing more that state sponsored terrorism and the fact that our great president has to deal with your animals in any regard makes me sick. you people deserved what hitler gave you in ww2.

Anonymous said...

Haaretz comments are very much in line with the majority of the American silent majority which has been watching events unfolding in Israel with dismay and disgust for the past few years. It is time for Likud to wake up from its genocidal dreams against Palestinians and face reality. People are now increasingly shifting their sympathies from the victims of the nazi holocaust to the Palestinians, the new victims of the zionists' intent of establishing their dream for a greater Israel.

Reyn said...

I find it distressing that there is an actual blog that thinks there should be no two-state solution to the enduring struggle in the holy land and that condemns organizations and publications that support such a solution.

The problems of radical fundamentalism are not to be despised - but the problems of extremism in general are always to be regarded with suspicion and deep distrust.

Kind thoughts,


Anonymous said...

Israel, really is a Jew among the nations. You have to love the informed bunch, they have "too much information" but they must be getting it from Aftonbladet, Al Jazeera and National Vanguard. Even NatVan cries big cold Alligator tears for "500 women and kids in gaza". Think of children, just think of the children !!! I don't understand, are there only adults among Jews? Post2 must think that Jew "animals" are born fully grown. I don't know Arabic, is that from one of the untranslated parts of the Holy Koran? It must be Holy, because our great president says so. As he must be great because you say so; despite the fact that majority of Americans disagree. But of course they are Zionist stooges. Let's scream that dirty name again "Zionism", you know the movement to rescue Jews from Antisemitism in Europe, North Africa, and Middle East and settle them in the most unnatural of all places the desert and swamp infested areas of Judea. That's right (!!!) most of the Jews in Israel are Mizrachi and Sephardi. But let's keep that as our little secret because Al Jazeera demands so. If the mass media can create a video and make it seem as though a black conservative holding a gun is a white guy, how much easier the Al Dura and AftonBladet organ-for-sale blood libels can be used to manipulate the Jew-haters extraordinare from post1/post2 ? Just put the words "zion" , "murder", "conspiracy" together and you got a best selling article, "Passion of the Christ", or a UN resolution. Or should we call it conference of islamic nations resolution?? I guess it takes too many Jew-pig, exsqueeze, me "zionist" brain cells to realize that the reason the Jewish nation is being singled out is because there are a hundred Islam dominated ones !!! These resolutions are not worth the paper they are written on because it must be some parallel universe where 5 million can bully a billion who have all the land, all the man power and resources in the world but begrudge Jews to live in the most unnatural of place of course: Judea. History of the Jews is long: the resolutions, the film, and the print, and the evil rhetoric will come and go and those who create them will burn in the fires that they stoke against the Jewish race.

Unknown said...

If Hitler did what you claim he did, although it is highly exaggerated by the media which you control. The question one asks it, have you not over the decades proved that what Hitler did with you was right and in the interest of global peace at large.

I wonder if such a small number of jews in the world, can create such a big problem, what if those 6 million (who you claim were killed by Hitler), would not have been killed and would have multiplied to how many millions more. Maybe the world would have finished by now!!!

Chris Roth, said...

The biggest pussies in the world are those that hide behind psuedonyms. Anyone of you little punk-ass anti-semites have any balls and wanna spout your shit to a Jew, my name is Chris Roth and I attend Gardner-Webb in Boiling Springs. Come see me - we should, uh, "talk". Punk-ass, bitch-ass, weak-ass little nazi wannabes. Bring your proctologist to remove your head from your ass.

Eli Pace said...

Anti-Semitic? How is supporting Palestinian people against oppressing anti-Semitic? Arab people like Jews are Semitic people and if anyone is being anti-Semitic it is the Israeli government against the Palestinian people.

ChrisRoth said...

Jews are not Arabs, buddy.

Anonymous said...

anonamouse, you aren't, because your printed words identify you as what you are. You dare throw in nazi phrases, you are a biased,racist,nasty little liar making up your own info to suit your own agenda of anti-jew. What is with these rats that crawl out from under rocks and just to start racist hatered. go hide back under the rocks.

Anonymous said...

But duh, Chris, Jews and Arabs are both Semetic people. This is exactly what the post you replied to said. It is true by definition! Know what a word means before you use it

ClickHere said...

I can't imagine any other "mainstream" paper calling on foreign governments to pressure its own government. What if the NY Times was against our economic policy and told China to do to us as it sees fit? What if CNN was against our Iraq War (where we've killed a lot more Arab civilians than the Israelis did) and told Russia to threaten us if we didn't pull out?
After reading some of these posts, I can see why Israel would be reluctant to jeopardize its security. People praise Hitler and terrorists just to lash out at Jews. The fact that these commentors complain about 500 dead Gazan civilians, instead of 200,000 dead Iraqi civilians from America's and England's Iraq War, shows that they don't care about Arabs; they only hate Jews.

Anonymous said...

I do not think two state solution is a bad idea. It might well be worth a go given the alternative has been failing for 60 years. I think two state solution might be closer to establishing peace.

Anonymous said...

This American president has many Americans shaking their heads now trying to decide his Agenda. He has lost a great deal of his popularity and is openly defying
the populous with his spending. To pledge blind allegiance without really seeing his direction is foolhardy and rememberance of past
history can lead to very harsh results. Wake up and smell the stench being emitted from his admistration of tax cheaters,thugs, being put in high positions.

Anonymous said...

remember the history of the arab people and the lies the countries around Israel told the people in gaza, when they attempted to destory Israel. they cannot be trusted their word is no good, if they beat you in a deal using lies it is business to them. thank God you have the hardliners, kick them all out , if you have to use the samson option make sure the world sees the gaza ass burn, so america will know what happens when you sit on your ass to long. peace is good but not at any price.

Nostradamus said...

A two state solution is lunacy? LOL

Lunacy is building JEW ONLY settlements on arab land, and expecting them to LOVE YOU for it.

Lunacy is thinking that god promised land to JEWS.. This would make god a racist.

Lunacy is thinking god asked the jews of abraham to slaughter the canninites and take their land.

Lunacy is stealing arab land, building settlements on them, deporting them out of their own houses, and then expecting the world to not care.

Lunacy, is the state of israel

Anonymous said...

In keeping with "fighting on the 'net is akin to Special Olympics - even if you win you are still "challenged"...I'll keep it short..

ChrisRoth - you go dude, L'Chaim from a Catholic friend.

The Arabs had their shot at a two-state solution for the entire second half of the 20th century. Their inept coalitions started - and lost - 3 wars of subjugation (Holocaust deniers - look that word up)against Israel. It was Arabs who expelled Palestinians from their lands (ever hear of Black September? Look that one up too)in an effort to use them to keep the issue of Arab vs Jew alive. Two-state sure seems reasonable....until one considers the very real possibility that new 'state' will be used as a springboard for more attacks against Israel, much as Gaza is today. Solution? I don't have one. Neither does O'Bama. But blaming the Jews, who have suffered enough for 2000 years, ain't going nowhere except for the folks on her who spell phonetically.

Anonymous said...

I like ice cream

Anonymous said...

...can't digest it .... :(

Anonymous said...

Lunacy is revising history. Arabs stole land throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Jews returned to the the land of their ancestors, of which the Arabs had stolen.

As a Roman Catholic Christian, I thank God for the state of Israel, the one beacon of light in an area of backwards, hegemonistic Arab/Muslims. All Muslims should be treated as they treat infidels. The religion of peace is a religion of lies, distortions, and hypocricy. Their constant playing of the "victim" needs to stop. One small, democratic state of around than 6 million people in the Middle East is not the reason for the problems there. The reasons that there is a problem is because 325 million arabs are not satisfied that they do not control one small sliver of land in the Middle East. The Jews were in the area of Israel first. And I will not forget the Christians who inhabited many areas of the Middle East before the Muslim Arabs conquered the area. It's the Arabs who are the interlopers.


ClickHere said...

Why don't we continue the logic of what "Lunacy" must be?
Lunacy is killing and expelling the Jews of Hebron (in 1929), who had lived there continuously for 3000 years, and making it an Arab-only city.
Lunacy is doing the same thing to Gaza City in 1929.
Lunacy is doing the same thing to the Jews in (what would later be called "east") Jerusalem in 1948.
Lunacy is saying that G-d promised the Arabs that salvation would come when they ruled the entire world, starting with the whole Middle East.
Lunacy is saying that, while Arabs can live anywhere they want, Jews are banned from living in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, ...
Lunacy is thinking that G-d asked the Arabs or Abraham to slaughter the Jews and take their land.
Lunacy is stealing Jewish land, building Arab villages on them, killing them and deporting them out of their own houses, claiming that the Arabs always lived there, and then expecting the good people of this world not to care.
Lunacy is Arab propaganda.

Chris Roth said...

anti-Semetic refers to bias against Jews. Look it up.

Chris Roth said...

Here's another for you... Israel took rocket fire, mortars, and suffered assassinations from 1946 into 1967, when Golda Mier kicked the ENTIRE Arab League's ass in 6 days - then she rested. Arabs are lucky that Israel gave back ANY of the land conquered in 1967. There are no "Palenstinians". Check their papers. They're Jordanians, syrians, Lebanese, and Egyptians, with a few other Arabs nationalities thrown in.

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