Monday, February 22, 2010

Rabbi Menachem Porush z"l

He shall surely be missed:
Thousands of mourners took part in the funeral procession of Rabbi Menachem Porush, the beloved hareidi-religious politician and man of charity who passed away Sunday night at the age of 94.

His son Meir, who has been a Knesset Member ever since 1996, sobbingly eulogized his father.

In his last public appearance, less than an hour before he died, Rabbi Porush took part in the annual “Seventh of Adar” event held by the Chevra Kadisha burial societies. Rabbi Porush, who once served as president of one of Jerusalem’s Chevra Kadishas, insisted on speaking, despite his weakness, and blessed and congratulated them on their sacred work. He arrived home shortly afterwards and suffered his sudden, fatal heart attack.

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