Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dealing With Dog Litter in Jerusalem

The Municipality wants you to clean up after your dog. If you didn't clean up, you dirtied. (It sounds better in Hebrew):

Someone set up an NPO to deal with the problem:

They even have a web site:
WE believe that by changing the environment we can change behavior. This is the application of the principle of "The Broken Window Theory" that radically and quickly improved the quality of life in New York.

To bring about these changes we are focusing on one common problem that everyone wants corrected. We chose dog litter which has polluted our streets, parks and beaches and has reached epidemic proportions. "Stepping in it" evokes such a strong response -
everyone can relate to it even our children.

We believe that dog litter is only a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. We believe we must correct the underlying root which is a profound lack of respect for others and our land. Lack of respect destroys our environment, damages our public image, effects tourism and businesses and overall impacts our quality of life.
In my neighborhood there are almost no dogs so we really do not have this problem. However, if you go on a stroll in one of the neighborhoods that is known for its...dogs...please check your shoes before you enter my apartment.

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