Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Danny is Dead

by Cosmic X

Did you hear the news?
Danny is dead,
Tell the Jews,
He was sick in the head.

That's right my friend,
He went out of his mind,
Put his life to an end,
To get out of the bind.

It's such a shame,
Because he loved life,
But no one's to blame,
You can ask his wife.

Search the law,
Rant and rave,
Hem and haw,
Where to dig his grave.

Wrap him in white,
Lower him down,
Before the fall of night,
Cover him with ground.

He's on his way,
To Olam HaBa,
Yitgadal VeYitkadash,
Shmei Rabba.

Spend wisely your wealth,
Watch your behind,
Guard well your health,
And don't lose your mind.

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