Monday, August 15, 2011

Park Anava in Modi'in

I discovered a new park today: Park Anava in Modi'in. It is very nice! In Jerusalem we also have a few nice parks, but nothing like this, with a lake and boats to rent. Here are some pics for your enjoyment:

The place was full of black hatters..."Bein HaZmanim":

In addition to boats you could also float on the lake inside a huge ball (click on pic for enlargement):


Leora said...

Looks lovely! Must be relatively new - this wasn't there in 2008, when we visited Modi'in.

Commenter Abbi said...

Yes, check it out in the morning, after the black hatters left tons of garbage, burning trash cans from makeshift bonfires and general disarray. Total chillul Hashem. The residents are very angry, at least on the Modiin list and rightfully so. And BTW it's Park Anabe, not Anava (the highway interchange is called Anava).

Cosmic X said...


I think that it is pretty new...after all Israel is a small place and I had never heard of it.


Sorry to hear that. While we were there everything was clean and no bonfires were burning.

Cosmic X said...


I took a look at the archives of the Modi'in list. I saw that the Modi'in residents do not who did the damage, and they suspect various different groups in addition to the "black hatters". In any case, we are dealing with lashon hara' and perhaps motzi shem ra'. Let's hope those responsible will eventually pay for the damage caused.

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