Saturday, May 19, 2012

I've Been Downdinged to Death!

This was my latest and final post at LGF.  I would link to it, but it has been "hidden" by the powers that be over there:

The verdict is in: I have been down-dinged to death.  100 percent of the people here disagree with what I write.  (Or if anyone here agrees, perhaps he/she id afraid to speak up for fear of being down-dinged himself.) I certainly did not expect to everybody to answer "Amen" to my posts.  Nor did I expect the majority to agree with me.  However, if everybody disagrees with me, 100 percent from wall to wall, it's a sign that I really should not be posting here.   I am not a martyr, neither am I a masochist.   I can always retreat back to my own little blog, or search for a different forum where my views will be better received.

My email is available on my Blogger profile for anyone who is interested in being in contact with me.

All the best to each and every one of you.
 Like I said, here (and perhaps elsewhere) I plan to continue posting my thoughts from time to time.  Shavua Tov and Happy Jerusalem Day! 

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