Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Israeli Election Results Online

Here is an ecellent web sites for those of you who really want to delve into the results of the last Israeli elections. In addtion to seeing the results on a national level, you can also see breakdowns according to city/town and polling booth.

Did you know that one person voted for the "Brit Olam" party in all of Ofakim? Are you surprised that Shas got 6% of the vote in Abu Ghosh? Or that the "Bayit HaYehudi" got 16% of Sde Boker's votes? How about Otzmat Yisrael getting 14% of the vote in Immanuel?

It is interesting to compare communities that are geographically close but very different socio-economically, for instance, Savyon vs. Or Yehudah. Another example B'nei Brak vs. Ramat Gan.

Anyway, you can waste a lot of time querying the data base over there, just like I did!


yaak said...

What's surprising to me is how 990 people in Sderot could vote for Hatenua.

Cosmic X said...


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