Monday, August 26, 2013

Kalandia Rioter Previously Released in Shalit Deal

From INN:
Meanwhile, it has been revealed that one of the three terrorists killed in the early hours of this morning had been released in 2011, as part of the deal to free Gilad Shalit.

Another one of the casualties was also a known terrorist, according to the Israeli security service, Shin Bet.

Yunis Jahjouh, 22, was killed along with Rubeen Abed Fares and Jihad Aslan. He was 19 at the time of the "Shalit Deal," which saw more than 1,000 terrorists released from Israeli prisons.

Border Police had entered Kalandia to an individual for suspected terrorist activities. Over a thousand Palestinian Arabs started rioting, and throwing rocks and stones at the Israeli personnel.

The IDF force that was providing security for the arresting squad took action to extricate it, and when the forces felt actual danger to their lives, they opened fire at the attackers. The wanted man was arrested and taken to interrogation.
You can see a video of the Arabs rioting here.

1 comment:

yaak said...

1 down, 1026 to go.

One could say that HKB"H wanted this terrorist killed on that date, and it couldn't happen legally in prison, so HKB"H made it possible in a roundabout way. נפלאות הבורא.

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