Monday, September 09, 2013

Bad Translation of the Day

The nice folks at ynet have turned the Day of Judgment into doomsday. Here is the original:
לי אין ספק שבמשפטו של עולם יש לי הרבה חובות והמשפט הארצי הקלוקל הזה רק מזכה אותי בדין של יום הדין
Ynet translated this as:
I have no doubt that this flawed trial is giving me a lot of points in doomsday court
They should have translated something like this: I have no doubt that in the (heavenly) tribunal (of my deeds in this) world I have many bad deeds and that this substandard earthly trial will be to my credit on the day of judgment ( Rosh HaShannah ).

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