Sunday, March 02, 2014

I Protest!

The Hareidi newspaper HaModia has printed a scandalous article in which it disgraces Rabbi Eliezer Melamed Shlita, the Rosh Yeshiva and Rabbi of Har Bracha. In doing so they have disgraced themselves, for one who disgraces a Torah scholar earns the not so honorary title of "Apikorus". Yated Ne'eman, which I had hoped would be rehabilitated under Rabbi Steinman, is also up to its old disgraceful practices.

No, I will not be taking part in today's protest against the new conscription law that is being formulated. I would have liked to, but the Hareidi press ruined it for me.

For those of you who do go here is an interesting psak.


yaak said...

I too protest Bizui Talmidei Hachamim.

But to miss the biggest Ahdut event of the century because of the sins of a few surprises and disappoints me.

Cosmic X said...


It could have been an ahdut event. However, when an entire public and its rabbis are continually vilifed by these official "rabbinically supervised mouthpieces" of the "pure hashkafa", ahdut losing its meaning. Unity does not mean uniformity, it means being together while recognizing that differences and recognizing the legitimacy of the other.

yaak said...

I agree with your last sentence. I still think this was an Ahdut event, and the main message of the event should have prompted all to join. This was not a protest against the State (even if some took it to that extreme) - it was a prayer rally to make a Kiddush Hashem to correct the Hillul Hashem of calling Torah learners criminals. The fact that some Rabbanim expressed their opinion that it was "absolutely forbidden" to join the event deeply hurt those who were trying hard to make the event a success. This does not give certain mouthpieces (who likely acted on their own in such short notice) the right to disparage Torah sages the way they did, and they should definitely apologize. Nevertheless, the disunity in this volley was not started on the Haredi side.

Unknown said...

As much as the reform mizrachists may want, they are out of the frum Jewry and going the way of the reform.
Good luck in having your kids stay frum.
We have 613 mitzvos and not 1 mitzvah and the rest, all kulos.

yaak said...

More proof how this was an Ahdut event for the typical attendee:

See this video

Cosmic X said...


Nice link. BTW, my son did attend the atzeret, and took part in the dancing afterwards.

It is important to take note that on a personal level, at least in the neighborhood where I live, the relationships between all of the different groups are excellent.

Whether to attend the rally or not was a personal decision and there were good reasons to attend and good reasons not to. Although I chose not to attend for the reason that I mentioned in the post I do not find fault in those who did attend.

Zev Samet said...


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