Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Battle of Beaumont

Every battle has a start,
But there are some battles that never end,
And so was the Battle of Beaumont.

The deadly enemy was indeed daring and formidable,
But absolutley not invincible,
In the Battle of Beaumont.

Somewhere, somehow the Book of War was forgotten,
Along with the Tree of Life,
During the Battle of Beaumont.

And after years of struggle,
From all its lofty heights,
Beaumont plunged to the deepest deaths.

O keyboard warrior, master of cut and paste
Spare me your haughtiness,
As you stare at this destruction made public.

For if Beaumont fell,
Then so can you,
Then so can I.

Faith and Wisdom,
Prayer, prayer, and more prayer,
And your camp shall be holy.

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