Friday, January 22, 2016

NGO Monitor's NGO Funding Data Base

This is fantastic:
In light of the central role played by politicized NGOs in public discourse regarding human rights, NGO Monitor published this week a database (available online) that provides opinion shapers and the public with an easily-accessible tool. The resource can inform the debate around legislation or funding mechanisms, such as the guidelines proposed by NGO Monitor to Israeli and European decision makers.

"The information in this database is crucial for the advancement of democratic transparency and accountability," Professor Gerald Steinberg said. "Clearly Israelis are attentive to grants given by foreign governments to political NGOs. Accurate data on this issue is important, but in recent weeks rumors and misinformation have dominated the public discourse. This resource provides the facts and figures currently missing from the discussion. The data provided can inform the debate over funding guidelines, and make it more accurate."

I played around a little bit with this online resource. This is what is has to say about "Peace Now"'s contributors for the year 2014(click to enlarge):

The NGO received 1,613,975 NIS from European governments in 2014! The "peace" business is booming!

But seriously, the interference of these governments in Israel's internal affairs is quite disturbing. They are clearly hiding behind an Israeli NGO.

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