Monday, February 14, 2005

Israel's MSM Staging News

CNN may be biased, but I do not know if they stage events. In Israel, our journalists are sometimes theater directors:

Journalist Amnon Abromovitz, who exposed Avishai Raviv as an agent of the General Security Services code-named "Champagne" revealed tonight on Israel Television Channel Two that the headline making incident in which Minister Netanyahu was "attacked" was staged for the media.

Abromovitz reported that the entire incident involved two youngsters who yelled at Netanyahu "you are a bunny, Jewish blood isn't valueless" at the behest of a reporter. After the performance the reporter sent an SMS message "great job."

Raviv's primary function was as an agent provocateur to provide incidents that would defame Oslo opponents. Many of the favorite anti-Oslo opponent film footage still shown to this day, including the Rabin in SS uniform photo-montage, were produced thanks to the work of this GSS agent.

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