Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nir Barkat At Machon Meir

Nir Barkat, the head of the opposition in the Jerusalem Municipal Council, visited Machon Meir in the Kiryat Moshe section of Jerusalem today. He received the VIP treatment as the Rosh Yeshiva of Machon Meir, Rabbi Dov Begon, took him on a tour of the Yeshiva. Barkat showed genuine interest as he chatted with Rav Begon and met students from all over the world that came to Jerusalem in order to learn at Machon Meir. Little did Rabbi Begon and Councilman Barkat know that the blogger Cosmic X was watching them.


Anonymous said...

OK. And...?

Did you at least ask him to stop the cheap political attacks on the mayor?

Avi said...

Barkat impresses me more and more.

He is a good administrator and a good council member (if he could get more done) as he has brought jobs and economic development to the city which makes it a nicer place to live.

IT's unfortunate that he doesn't get enough support here because he doesn't wear a kippah, as he would maintain the status-quo and bring more dati leumi families back to the city (as well as secular).

Batya said...

campaigning I presume
Remember that in the states, even goyim visit Jewish institutions for the votes.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Muse: Just because he doesn't have a kippa on his head means you have to compare him to the goyim.

Ariel Zilber gives me lots of hope.

Jerusalemcop said...

I actually even voted for him back in the last election against Lupiliansky. He wanted to run the municipality in a way not done very often in politics. I chose to vote for him because he showed that his idea had the chance of working. Knowing how successful Jer. mayors have been when it came to politics (not monopolies), I felt he deserved a shot to try something new.

Since then, he still impresses me with his ideas. i hope he stays in politics and keeps trying.

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