Monday, November 06, 2006

A Question For Supporters Of The Gay Pride Parade In Jerusalem

Why is having your reproduction system aroused by someone of the same sex something to be proud of?


Robbie said...

It's not being proud that I'm attracted to other men.

It's being proud of the fact that after years and years of being told how disgusting I am, how I should die a slow, horrible death, how I do not deserve to live my life - it's being proud that despite all of that, despite all of the negativity in the world, I've found a way to come to terms with who I am and who I'll be.

Daniel Greenfield said...

and what does a parade have to do with coming to terms with it

coming to terms is a personal matter, when you have to get up on a parade float, all that does is demonstrate insecurity

Robbie said...

Insecurity? How?

By standing up in public and saying "This is who I am, I'm an integral part of society and I'd like to be treated that way"?

Cosmic X said...


Thanks for answering my question.

Personally, I accept you (and anyone else for that matter) for who you are. However, parading around Jerusalem will not turn your malady into a virtue. The organizers of the parade made a big mistake if the purpose was to gain acceptance. They have needlessly aroused the wrath of most of the public in Jerusalem.

Sholom said...

Because he's tired of being pushed around by your type, telling him that he will be punished for something that is part of his nature.
Because every time his Chavrusa cracks a joke about Faygelach, he feels compelled to laugh along, otherwise he may be susected of being one of "them"; and it eats out his Kishkes.
Because he's sick and tired of sneaking out of Shiur to jerk off in a filthy Yeshiva toilet-stall, fantasizing about that Bochur with the cute ass whom he saw in the Mikva; then crying Al Chet and beating his bare chest with a cum-drenched fist.
Because he's tired of looking over his shoulder, terrified of the Chaptzem crew, while cruising for a blowjob in the Village.
Because he's tired of living in constant fear of being punished by the selfsame creator who causes his reproduction system to be aroused by someone of the same sex.
Because there comes a point in a young man's life when he realizes that he's been raised in a fucking mind-control cult, and he rebels against it and escapes; yet it is still not enough.
Because the demons that you have implanted within his head do not let him sleep, eat, live, breathe, or fuck in peace.
Because even in the comfort of his lover's arms, he still sees the face of your holy-old-fuck, hears the accusations of To'evah.
Because the only way for him to find peace is to come back to your ghetto, the one in which he was raised, and to say, "No! You do not control my life!"
Because he knows that if even one young closeted Yeshiva boy sees him, and finds the way to his own liberation a little easier, then it will have been worth it.
Hell yeah, I recruit!

Cosmic X said...


You have some important things to say. I wish you could have expressed yourself in a cleaner way.

If indeed homosexuality is a matter of nature and not nurture, a person born with these tendencies has a great challenge in front of him. He must overcome this yetzer, just as he overcomes any other yetzer that he may have. I do not envy somebody who has this tendency, and I do not belittle the trials and tribulations that he must go through.

I certainly object to someone like this trying to turn darkness into light, trying to present his malady as a virtue. I resent the "in your face" march in Jerusalem, the holy city of the God and Torah that you so detest.

I heard some opponents of the march complaining that the march is also a form of recruitment. I didn't really buy that claim until I read your comment.

Anonymous said...

Im usually amused when homosexuals try to demonstrate that homosexual behavior occurs in the animal kingdom as well ergo no big deal, and I was just thinking that in the animal world as well, the parent senses which of its litter is weak or deformed and usually abadons it, refuses to feed it or bites it to death in other words it senses that somehting is not right with one of its own offspring. So if homosexuals want to use nature as an example it cuts both ways.

Anonymous said...

Male dolphins are known to try to have sex with female human swimmers.

Bestiality is clearly normal and acceptable -- being found in nature, and since it is the animal that is initiating the act, it can hardly be considered cruelty to animals.

Time for the Bestiality Pride Parade (bring your pets).

Why do the gay people and their supporters on your site use such vulgar, graphic language?

All they do is confirm the notion that gay people have a screw loose when it comes to sex and licentious behavior. Most normal people don't write that explicitly, yet on all the blogs I've read, the gays are obscene with their descriptions.

Clearly there is a connection. Maybe due to their mental/hormonal imbalance they don't even comprehend how inappropriate they are acting and speaking.

Anonymous said...

ok so this is like 6 months later, but i just came across this, back to ur question, i can answer that with a question:Why is having your reproduction system aroused by someone of the opposite sex something to be proud of?
by the way, im as straight as an arrow, but i happen to have an open mind and i am proud to say that I am only straight because i was born that way, i had no choice, just like you.

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