Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cosmic X In Kahane Land

Last Thursday I went to the annual memorial gathering in honor of Rabbi Meir Kahane z"l. Rabbi Kahane wrote numerous books and articles. Some of his literary output was on sale at the entrance to the hall:

Inside the hall was full of family, students and admirers:

A film was shown showing how Rabbi Kahane's murder was perpetrated by the same Al Qaeda terror cell that was later to attack the World Trade Center.

Several people spoke. Noam Federman attributed the violent resistance to this year's gay pride parade to the self-sacrifice of Yishai Schlissel, who is now serving a twelve year sentence for stabbing three people in last year's march.

Yossi Rabin encouraged the younger people to get to know Rabbi Kahane via his books.

Shmuel Cytryn declared that he is a Kachnik, that he was born a Kachnik and that he will die a Kachnik.

I admire these guys, but I do not agree with them on every issue. This being so, if Meir Kahane were alive today I rather vote for him than vote for any party currently in the Knesset. He proved to right about a lot of issues. Unfortunately, the Knesset turned our democracy into a farce by making the Kach Party illegal. They made a joke out of themselves by redefining racism. We are all suffering as a result.


Anonymous said...

I agree.One can agree with his main ideas wthout agreeing with everything he said.

westbankmama said...

The left is trying to do the same thing to Lieberman now - claiming he is a racist. So far, nothing he has said has proven this.

Anonymous said...

on what issues do you disagree with the Rav?

Lieberman is actually pretty far to the left, but he's smart enough to talk a good game

Cosmic X said...


Lieberman is not a racist. In my book he is just another politician that doesn't base his ideas on the Torah, making him no different from Sharon, Olmert, Netanyahu, Peres, Peretz, etc.


I don't know about the Rav himself, as he is no longer among us. However, some(?) of his followers seem to support what Yishai Schlissel did last year, which is something that I do not agree with.

Anonymous said...

there were three averos which destroyed the first Beis HaMikdash, Avodah Zara, murder, and sexual sins. If there was a procession to sacrifice a pig to Zeus on Har HaBayis would you also oppose violence to stop it? As you oppose violence to stop a parade celebrating what is a abomination in Hashem's eyes.....

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