Monday, March 26, 2007

Links For Today

I am not really in a blogging mood today (see the previous post). But there are a few things that you shouldn't miss:

The 4th Edition of J-Pix is Now Live!!

Liveblogging the March to Chomesh!

Eliyahu puts the kidnapping of British soldiers into historical context.

Balashon makes seder.

David Bedein questions Shimon Peres' C.V. Here is something that I have to add to this from the archives:
I once had the priviledge of meeting Rehavam Ze'evi. We were both at a protest in front of the Orient House in Jerusalem. If my memory does not fail me, the reason for the protest was the fact that then Prime Minister Shimon Peres would not let soldiers that were posted near the Orient House fly the Israeli Flag (He did not want to hurt Arab feelings). So MK Ze'evi and other outraged Israelis came to do what Israel's Prime Minister forbade: to wave the Israeli flag in the heart of Jerusalem.

After the protest we talked. MK Ze'evi, who had reached the rank of General in the IDF, remarked that Shimon Peres never served in the army. I asked him if he was sure, since I thought that I had once seen a picture of Peres, dressed in an army uniform, chatting with David Ben Gurion. Ze'evi replied that the picture must have been taken on Purim (a day when many Jews wear costumes).

Terri Schindler Schiavo - 1963-2005: We Will Not Forget!

Why is Johnathan Pollard Still in Prison?

1 comment:

JoeSettler said...

There was an article in Haaretz (or YNET) last year that was supposed to be not-so-subtley attacking certain Chareidi MKs.

Quite stupidly they asked the question, which 2 ministers never served in the army.

The correct answer was Peres, and if I recall correctly, Dalia Itzik was the other, but it wasn't who they were thinking of.

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