Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

I heard the sirens. I wanted to believe it was just Olmert's motorcade that was passing somewhere nearby. Not too long afterwards I tried calling my wife by cellular telephone. I couldn't reach her. Instead I got a message that "the network is busy" that is to say overloaded. I didn't put two and two together and continued working as usual. Only later, when I went to daven mincha I heard what had happened.

Kudos to Jameel and all the others that gave of themselves to help the victims.

Update: The names of those murdered by the Arab terrorist have been released:
Lili Goren-Friedman, 54, Bat-Sheva Unterman, 33 - both teachers - and Jean Relevy, 68, were the victims of the brutal bulldozer terror attack in Jerusalem.

Bat-Sheva Unterman, 33, was a nursery school teacher in the Jerusalem neighborhood Har Homa. She is survived by her husband Ido (grandson of former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Isser Yehuda Unterman), and their five-month old daughter, Efrat. Though there have been conflicting reports about exactly what transpired, Bat-Sheva apparently saved her daughter's life when she saw the bulldozer bearing down upon her by unfastening the baby's seat belt and handing her out to a passerby. Bat-Sheva was unable to open her own seat belt, however, before the murderous terrorist destroyed the car, with her inside.

Baby Efrat was brought to a Jerusalem hospital, and hours went by before her father learned what happened and came to claim her; he had not suspected that his wife and daughter were involved in the attack.

Elizabeth (Lili) Goren-Friedman, 54, of the Gonen area in Jerusalem, was a teacher and former vice-principal in the Jewish Institute for the Blind in the capital. Lili is survived by three children: Tzvi and Yisachar, graduates of the Horev Yeshiva High School, and Yael, a student in the Tal Ra'yah Girls High School in Beit El.

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