Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Very Bad Deal

To my great dismay the disgraceful deal that Olmert and his lowlife cronies cut with the Hizbollah has been executed. I'd like to share with you my thoughts on the matter.

1) Like I said, the deal is a disgrace: trading a despicable child killer, a few other terrorists, and the bodies of 199 dead terrorists for the bodies of two IDF soldiers and "information" on Ron Arad. This amazingly lopsided deal in favor of the terrorists will only encourage more kidnapping and terror.

2) The Israeli MSM really went to bat for this deal. MK Eitam correctly describes the phenomenon:
The media, Eitam said, "not only did not report objectively but enlisted itself completely to this campaign. It has been a long time since we saw media that was so enlisted for what it believed was the right thing to do."
They have failed miserably in doing their job once again.

3) The fact that the corrupt Kadima party would initiate such a deal is no surprise. The party was born in sin, and its policies up to now are a reflection of the low morals of its members. The attempt to spin such a deal as an example of "Jewish morality" is a boldfaced lie, as anyone who is familiar with the way Jewish law relates to the freeing of captives knows.

4) The behavior of the Labor party is consistent with the defeatist attitude and their "let's give the Arabs what they want and everything will be okay" mentality. The beginning of the State of Israel's surrender to terrorism was initiated by the Labor Party in the "Jibril Deal" during Shimon Peres' first stint as Prime Minister. This deal, in which over 1000 terrorists were released from Israeli jails in return for three Israeli POWs in Lebanon, was the spark plug of the First Intifada. It caused the death of hundreds of Israel civilians and the wounding of thousands of others.

5) Most puzzling is the behavior of Shas. How could Torah Jews support a deal that is so anti-Torah? I wish that I had an answer. Apparently the need to ensure government funding for their institutions was the deciding factor. How unfortunate it is that Shas, as well as the other religious parties when they were part of the coalition, have failed so often to serve as a moral compass for the government.

Shame on all of those that gave a hand to this deal! The nauseating behavior of the present government makes us realize how much we really need Mashiach. We want Mashiach now!

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