Monday, April 20, 2009

Yom HaShoah VeHaGevurah

Tommorow "Yom HaShoah VeHaGevurah" will be observed here in Israel. Features of the day include the following:

1) At 10:00 AM (?) a siren will be sounded and you are required to stand silent for a couple of minutes until the siren fades out. This is a really lousy and annoying custom.

2) Israeli MSM photographers will show us pictures from ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of those black-frocked dudes that don't stand still during the siren. If they don't succeed they have another opportunity next week on Israel's Memorial Day for fallen soldiers.

3) The radio stations will play depressing music.

4) The radio stations will broadcast depressing interviews with survivors and/or their children.

I'm not against "Yom HaShoah VeHaGevurah". I'm for observing it in a more meaningful and Jewish way.

See also this old post.

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