Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Downfall of Mr. Baiter

The Downfall of Mr. Baiter

by Cosmic X

Have you met Mr. Baiter?
Dawn caught him crawling out of his crater,
Just like a slimy alligator.

And surrounded by his encampment,
Dissers and dismissers the First Commandment,
He sought to snare Adam through entrapment.

He prayed to catch his prey,
Baiting the banners of both The Jerusalem Post and USA Today,
With wretched, woeful words for the month of May.

After decades of denying Creation's demands,
His mouth opened wide with observations and commands,
A pupil of the one pushed away with two hands.

He believed that his bait was quite enticing,
Since a few foolish fish were furiously biting,
Nevertheless nothing was new or exciting.

Because before the plane hit the Southern Tower,
Mr. Baiter locked my grandfather in the shower,
Then in stealth he went to steal grandma's dower.

And in the midst of all of the violence,
His radio played "The Sound of Silence",
Until six times ten to the sixth were past tense.

And to the chanting of choirs and the clanging of chimes,
Mr. Baiter committed countless crimes,
Never publicized in The New York Times.

The sun is setting for Mr. Baiter,
He slips a tip to his Arabian waiter,
Takes the down escalator and says, "See you later."

Darkness descends upon Mr. Baiter,
We knew that would happen sooner or later,
So the master hater creeps back into his crater.

But upon us a sun of righteousness rises,
Little by little with lots of surprises,
Be strong and patient, that's just the way it is.


yaak said...

די לחכימא ברמיזא

Cosmic X said...

תן לחכם ויחכם עוד

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