Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize became a joke ever since it was awarded to Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzchak Rabin in 1994 for the ill fated "Oslo Agreements". The Norwegians continue to prove that they have a poor sense of humor by awarding the prize to Mr. B.O. I am not laughing.

As the Hebrew saying says, a lie doesn't have legs. Sooner or later the lie will be revealed. Obama's rhetoric is out of touch with reality. Chances are that it will bring much more bloodshed than peace.

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Dan - Israeli Uncensored News said...

And moreover, the prize is illegal. It can only be awarded for actual peacemaking rather than declarations.

Sam Kaufman said...

my first thought was that maybe they're making up for Chicago not getting the Olympics

Lisa said...

I think the Nobel Prize is an honor for the President and our country. Hopefully, this means we can end the war.

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