Monday, November 29, 2010

Jbloggers on WikiLeaks

The jblogosphere is just abuzz about the leaks.

Yaak suggests that these leaks are a Divine punishment for the unjust imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard:
Now, BeDavka in the middle of Parshat Miketz, the U.S., who has incarcerated Jonathan Pollard for 25 years for revealing secrets to a friendly nation, is getting what it deserves by having its state secrets revealed to any and every nation in the world, says the article.
Also see what he wrote about the graveness of revealing secrets.

The Muqata has a continually updated Israel WikiWatch.

Israelycool has a summary of the leaks based on what The Guardian reported.

Israelity has a positive take on the matter.

Backspin notices that Iran used ambulances to smuggle arms.

Pamela Geller places the responsibility for the leaks on the shoulders of President Obama.

Daled Amos notices that the Arabs agree with Israel with regards to the Iranian threat.


yaak said...

Thanks for the links.

Just to clarify, I didn't make that suggestion - it was in a Kikar article.

Cosmic X said...

Sorry about that Yaak.

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