Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's A Nice Cosmo Girl Like You Doing With An Orthodox Husband?

Wow, this article was written ten years ago, but I discovered it just a few days ago. Andrea Kahn presents us with an exceptionally well written and concise description of her spiritual journey. (I wish I knew how to write like this!) Here's a taste:
My husband and I met in New York, through a mutual teacher who knew us well. I'd spent plenty of time engaged in the rites of Los Angeles-style dating. This was a whole different ritual. In venturing into this shiddich -- which, loosely translated, means "date" -- we had agreed to an express purpose. We were to decide if we were a match -- and with far less dillydallying than in most modern courtships.

Aaron and I spent hours together eating Chinese food, playing miniature golf and pinball, ice-skating, boating in Central Park. I came to respect his integrity, his strength and his constant striving to do and be better. (And he's cute!) Four months after we met, we began a 10-week engagement. (My mother, who had spent a year planning my sister's nuptials, was aghast.) We never touched, but got to know each other, unclouded by the bond of physical intimacy, which so often super-glues the wrong people together.
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