Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rabbi Yisrael Rosen: Ban MK Einat Wilf!

Does the Rabbi reads this blog? Here is an excerpt (translated into English) of what he wrote for this week's Shabbat B'Shabbato parasha sheet:
For now we will put aside thoughts about this situation that are related to political science. Let us also put aside any thoughts about "Israeli democracy," which after the founding of "Kadima" – "Go forward towards the Disengagement" – will never surprise me again by its shenanigans. What I want to do here today is point a finger of guilt at one of the dwarfs in Atzmaut, by the name of Einat Wilf. It has been announced that she will be appointed the head of one or more Knesset committees, either Education or Immigration and Absorption.

I hereby call for a complete ban on all of this woman's public activities in the above matters, because of the totally negative image she projects as the wife of a German who is not a Jew (as far as I know, he has not even taken on Israeli citizenship). This call is not made on a religious basis (there are greater sinners than she is) or on a nationalistic basis (there are greater "nationalistic traitors" than she is), and not even on a cultural basis (there are MK's who present a worse example of personal behavior). I simply cannot accept the idea of an MK in a mixed marriage. The opposition to such a marriage is still within the broad consensus of our people (and I am not referring to a case of "Jewish blood" which is common among Russian-speaking immigrants).

I know very well that some members of the Knesset are not Jewish, including Moslems and Druze. I would not be surprised, and I would not even object, if some immigrant from the former Soviet Union would declare that he represents the community of immigrants who have not yet converted to Judaism or who want to maintain non-Jewish communities, but who want to be loyal citizens of our country. Five years ago I wrote an article titled, "We can learn to live with a significant Gentile minority, descendants of the Jews" (it is reprinted in my new book, "Love the Convert," published recently by Zomet Institute). I have not changed my mind since then. But an MK in a mixed marriage, just like that, is too much for me. Especially when this is touted under the name of Israeli "Independence," or when the individual involved is slated to head a committee on such subjects as education, immigration, or absorption.

Do not take this case of the MK and her husband lightly. It is a subject that carries an educational message. Richard Gutjahr (her husband and the father of her son Yonatan – I wonder if the child has been circumcised) has shown that he is a pioneer in education! How can we ever forget that he was the very first customer to receive the new iPad ("It's heavy and very shiny!") because of the determination that he showed by standing in line in New York for ten hours! This record totally dwarfs the fact that he has no command of Hebrew and that as the host of a television show in Bavaria he spends only part of his time in our country!

With all this, the lady has written educational books in Hebrew which are eminently suited to our generation. Here is her vision for solving problems in education: "Expelling children from the class who cause disturbances, giving low marks in response to bad behavior or violence in class, limiting the day-to-day contact between parents and teachers, and giving the teachers stronger backing by the principals" (as quoted on internet). But don't make any mistake, she is not so conservative! Her world vision is based on a view of the global world (could it be otherwise?) and allowing the use of light drugs because of the high cost of fighting them (remember that she has a background in economics, for example as the manager of a financial fund). She expounded (or perhaps absorbed) these messages as a Senior Fellow in the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute!

In summary, and in protest, I say once again: FOR SHAME!
For shame indeed!

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