Thursday, June 09, 2011

How Rep. Anthony Weiner Can Leverage Weinergate

One might think that the disgraceful Weinergate scandal and the pathetic attempted cover-up spell the end for Anthony Weiner. I beg to disagree. This entire debacle can be a positive turning point for the man!

I know what you are thinking: This guy must be kidding! After all the Weinergate narrative is as follows: Anthony Weiner is a young and rising star in Congress, the pride of his family, "My son the congressman". The man is married to an aide to Secretary of State Clinton, giving him even more traction in the Democratic Party. Things are looking good for him until his deplorable "virtual relationships", complete with foul-mouthed chats and immodest photos, are revealed to the public. His political future and the future of his marriage seem to be in doubt. What can be positive about that? A true "from riches to rags" story!

I would like to offer an alternative Weinergate narrative: An American-Jew grows up, like so many of his generation, knowing almost nothing about Judaism. He engulfs himself in the pursuit of power, money and physical pleasures. Weiner leads an immoral life for decades, culminated by marrying a gentile. From a Torah point of view, this man is not a success, and that is an understatement. Then he gets caught indulging in virtual debauchery. This is a true "from rags to filthy rags" story.

However, in spite of everything, Anothony Weiner can leverage this situation. What seems to be an unfortunate turn of events is a blessing in disguise! It is a wake up call for Anthony Weiner. Anthony Weiner, ayeka? Where are you? Perhaps it is time to reconsider the way you lead your life? Come home, Anthony Weiner! Leave your false concepts of success, and leave your gentile wife! Take some time off to learn in a yeshivah, to find out who you really are! Weinergate may be the best thing that ever happened to you! It all depends on what you do with it.

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