Sunday, June 19, 2011

Will Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Get Divorced?

Now that Anthony Weiner has lost his job in Congress, is he going to lose his wife as well? Is the humiliated Huma going to give Weiner the boot? That is the question that many who have followed this bizarre case are asking themselves.

The truth is, according to Jewish law, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are not married. A Jew cannot marry a non-Jew. Period. According to the Torah, their current lifestyle is a simple case of promiscuity, to put things mildly as possible.

My guess is that Huma and Tony are going to be parting ways in the near future. Huma thought that she married an up and coming Congressman who was on the way to becoming the Mayor of New York City. Now her "husband" has become a walking joke! Such an embarrassing situation is no doubt unbearable. Huma has little use for such a disgraced has-been. He's not President Bill Clinton. She will show him the door quicker than most people think.

Chances are that they would have broken up in a few years time anyway. As is well known, intermarriages are recipes for domestic strife and confused children. The Weiner-Abedin union is no exception. I wonder what baby Weiner will think when he/she hears the imam say that his/her father is "a descendant of apes and pigs"?

If I am correct this will also be for Anthony Weiner's good. As long as he is "married" to Huma he cannot make amends with his Maker. Once she is gone, the gates of teshuva will be wide open for him. Will he enter?

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