Sunday, December 02, 2012

Bad News From the United States of America

Such a shame:
Jonathan Pollard was hospitalized after he collapsed in his jail cell during the weekend. His wife, Esther, was informed of this Saturday. His condition is not known.

Pollard began his 28th year in jail two weeks ago.

He has been suffering from intense pain in the past few weeks but it is not known if his collapse is connected to the pains.

Pollard is serving a life sentence for illegally passing on the classified material to a friendly country. He is suffering from poor health and in early 2012 was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

Two days after United States President Barack Obama was reelected, former minister Rafi Eitan called for Obama to release Pollard.

Eitan, who recruited Pollard and served as his handler, apologized to the United States for his role in the affair. Pollard gave Israel classified American documents relating to Middle East security.

“I’m responsible in the matter,” Eitan told Reshet Bet. “I apologized, and I apologize again and say, ‘Please, send Pollard home.’”

Eitan has previously said that U.S. intelligence services are using Pollard to take revenge on Israel.

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