Monday, June 03, 2013

Tzippi Livni's "Discrimination and Racism" Hotline

In case you have not heard:
Following the disclosure of separate days for Jewish and Arab schools at the Superland amusement park, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni announced, Thursday, the opening of a hotline, run by the Justice Ministry's legal-aid department, to deal with inquiries about discrimination or racism. Livni's office said the hotline will provide preliminary information about legal issues related to the inquiries and guidance to relevant authorities, as needed.

Ministry Director-General Guy Rotkopf said, "The Justice Ministry and its various departments will continue uncompromising efforts to eradicate the phenomena of racism and discrimination, which harm all of Israeli society."

Well, somebody decided to take advantage of the hotline. I do not think that these are the kind of complaints that Tzippi expected to hear:


yaak said...

Love it.

She finally figured out his last name at the end. lol

Cosmic X said...


Here is some more of the same.

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