Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reaction to the Har Nof Massacre

Those words of wisdom were uttered by the late Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzchak Shamir. Just like the Mediterranean has not changed, neither has the desire of those barbaric Ishmaelites to through the Jews into it.

They are the same Arabs that massacred in Hebron in 1929. They are the same Arabs that rammed passenger jets into the twin towers in 2001. They are the same Arabs that are presently decapitating innocent civilians in Syria and Iraq. They are the same Arabs that entered a synagogue yesterday morning in order to murder peaceful worshippers.

Even if Yishmael did teshuvah, apparently a large number of his descendants did not. Look at them celebrating the massacre:


Sammy Finkelman said...

The problem is, the world is not demanding that they do teshuva - and not even Israel is.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Not really.

Israel has to demand an end to Muslim, Arab and Palestinian self-righteousness. This is something that must go on without rest.

Not dhoved under the rug, not left for later. This is the first thing.

And it must get to the stage where it would be possible to point out in the Arabic media - in detail - how various accusations against Israel are malicious slanders.

You may find people not repeating a lie, and you may find people condemining murderous actions, but you will not find people condemining lies against Israel, or even acknowledging the possibility of such a thing.

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