Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Worst Pallywood Ever!

This lady is a pretty rotten actor. But my real complaint is with the journalists who are partners to this fraud:
In the latest incident of “Pallywood”, an elderly Arab woman who was evacuated by IDF troops from a business in Hevron for security reasons, put on a show for extreme leftists who filmed the eviction.

The business was evacuated after a firebomb was thrown from it at the homes of Jews in Hevron. The local Arabs, who knew when the troops would arrive to evacuate the business, invited leftist activists and journalists to document the evacuation.

In the video, the elderly woman is seen weeping as her daughter instructs her how to “cry” in front of the cameras. However, as the woman begins to cry, the daughter is seen moving aside and smiling towards the journalists and photographers.

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