Sunday, July 03, 2005

Gay Pride Parade Fallout

Last Thursday I change my route as I walked home from work, making sure that I would be nowhere near the path of the "gay pride parade." I am not homophobic. I objected to this parade as it is an affront to the residents of Jerusalem and the special character of the city. My reaction would have been the same were there to be an "adulterer pride parade," an "incest pride parade," or a "zoophilia pride parade."

And here is a message for the guy who wanted to play "Pinchas the son of Elazar" and decided to knife a few gays: What Pinchas did was in accordance with Jewish Law, but what you did was not. You desecrated our holy city with needless violence. You are a fool that belongs in jail or in a mental hospital.


Anonymous said...

Odd to me that you didn't mention an affront to Hashem, which in my view is most important. As was the case with Pinchas, only Hashem knows for sure. I certainly am not at a level to judge the man.

Interesting that the parshat hashavua dealt in part davka with people not protesting and it was a week full of protests.

I happen to believe the old saw: "The only thing needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing." (or something along those lines)

Anonymous said...

Seems like mental hospital.But still major chilul lashem.

Batya said...

chilul Hashem yes
But stabbing marchers was both foolish and very dangerous. If they're HIV positive their blood endangers the stabber and first aid medics.

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