Wednesday, January 31, 2007

החיים והמות ביד הלשון

I don't remember where our sages said החיים והמות ביד הלשון, but I know of one guy who probably wishes he kept his tongue in his mouth:

Former Justice Minister Haim Ramon was found guilty of indecent conduct by the Tel Aviv Magistrates' Court on Wednesday. The three judges decided unanimously to convict Ramon.

Ramon was accused of having sexually harassed a female soldier at the Prime Minister's Office in July by "placing his lips on her lips and inserting his tongue in her mouth." Following the indictment, he resigned his post as justice minister.

Personally I have no confidence whatsoever in the Israeli judicial system. However I shall not shed any tears for Mr. Ramon, who supported the ill-fated Oslo Accords and "disengagement".

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