Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Definitely Not Glatt Kosher

Who remembers Liora Glatt-Berkowitz(LGB for short)? I blogged about her a long time ago. She was attorney from the Israeli Prosecutors Office that leaked details on the Cyril Kern investigation to the Haaretz newspaper. This was in violation of the laws of the State of Israel whose judicial system she worked for. She was convicted of this crime in a plea bargain where other more serious charges were dropped.

Well Ms. LGB is back in the news:
Attorney Liora Glatt-Berkovich, who while serving as a Tel Aviv district prosecutor leaked the judicial inquiry into the Cyril Kern affair, filed a lawsuit in Tel Aviv District Court yesterday against former Haaretz court reporter Baruch Kra and former Haaretz news editor Shmuel Rosner.

Glatt-Berkovich, who is suing for NIS 2.5 million, claims Kra broke a number of promises he made to her, including not to publish documents she gave him and to call her from secure lines only, in order to protect her identity as the source.

You can read about in Ha'aretz or at . It is interesting to note that both articles neglect to note that LGB committed a crime and was convicted. But then again, why pay attention to such small details?

I'm simply shocked at the chutzpah of the lady. She committed a crime, and she is upset that Ha'aretz was not careful enough in covering up her tracks. Jpost:

Glatt-Berkowitz wrote that she told Kra not to display the Justice Ministry's letter to the South African government and not to mention the letter she had written to the state attorney, since only she and the state attorney knew about it. She also told him not to call her on a phone that could be traced. He allegedly promised to abide by all of those conditions in return for the scoop.

But Kra broke all of the promises, Glatt-Berkowitz said, and called her several times from his cellphone. Police later ordered a printout of his phone calls and found the calls to her.


The lawsuit alleges that Glatt-Berkovich and Kra agreed that the two documents she gave him - a draft request for a judicial inquiry and a letter to the state prosecution - would be destroyed or kept in Amos Schocken's safe at Haaretz and would not be given to anyone, unless the newspaper needed to defend itself in the event of a slander suit.

Glatt-Berkovich says her identity was revealed by comparing the staple marks on the judicial inquiry request, which was given to police by Channel 2 reporter Moshe Nussbaum, "or someone on his behalf."

Glatt-Berkovich maintains that while being investigated for leaking information, she was presented with evidence and segments of Kra's cellphone conversation along with the police forensic opinion that the staple marks on the copy handed over by Nussbaum and the copy she gave investigators were identical.
Does this sound like an attorney or a mobster?

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