Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Moonbat Parade Continues

I don't know if I should laugh or if I should cry. Professional hate-monger Tommy Lapid has weighed in on the "violent incident" in Hebron, where Yifat Alkobi cursed her Arab neighbor. Check out his ridiculous article, "Stop the Jewish barbarians in Hebron". The barbarian of Popolitika, whose hate-mongering against the ultra-Orthodox has long ceased to bear fruit, is now looking for a new "tree" to pick. Judging from the talbacks there, the public isn't buying it.

David Wilder,
the spokesman for the Jewish community of Hebron, wrote an excellent piece about the incident. I am quoting an excerpt here, but please read the entire article:

For the past year and a half, radical left-wing organizations, led by the International Solidarity Movement, Christian Peacemaker Teams, B'tselem and Machsom Watch have essentially staged numerous provocations at the entrance to the Tel Rumeida Jewish neighborhood attempting to draw Jewish residents into violent encounters which are filmed, edited and fed to an unsympathetic media.

Their goal is to dehumanize Hebron Jews.

In understanding what goes on in Hebron, context is important. How many people know that Jewish children walking home from school are periodically attacked by local Arab youths on the road.

Tel Rumeida is a pressure cooker, and as tends to occur throughout the world, sometimes people lose control and use language not usually part of their everyday vocabulary. A psychologist e-mailed me that last week he found himself cursing an Arab who spit on him on a Jerusalem street. Taxi drivers curse commuters every hour of the day.

Should "nice Jewish ladies" use coarse language? It's certainly not polite, but I've heard worse.

Incidentally, how many people know that the Yifat video was filmed some six months ago. Why was such a "devastating incident" kept secret all this time before the film was publicized and a complaint issued?

There is one reason, and one reason alone for the fuss: The prime minister is facing several criminal investigations. The defense minister is holding on to his job by the skin of his teeth.

Both of them are looking for a good way to distract public attention from their woes.

Together with a very left-wing media, they have found the solution: Yifat Alkobi and the 'W' word.


JoeSettler said...

Lapid did everything short of calling the Jews of Hebron Nazi's and Pogromistim. But he made sure you made the connection.

He's a stick'll drek who abuses the Shoah every chance he can if it means attacking Jews and Judaism.

Batya said...

We don't have to "take it." And we don't have to apologize for reacting.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

I tried to post a comment on the JPost in response to tommy lapid's repulsive effusion. However, my comment was disallowed by the JPost's comments editor/censor and didn't get onto the comments thread.
I told them --among other things-- that I wondered why the Post wasted space on tommy's drivel.

The Post's editors show bad editorial judgement, in my not so humble opinion, not only by publishing lapid but in their noxious editorial demanding that Prez Katsav quit. I think that Meni Mazuz should quit.

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