Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogger's Pre-Passover Guilt Trip

I really shouldn't be doing this. There is so much work to be done. I just finished shopping at Aleph in Giv'at Shaul. I shelled out almost 1000 NIS on Passover food and I still have a lot of shopping to do.

Our kitchen is still in chametz mode. After Shabbat the real work begins when we get the kitchen into Passover mode (i.e peisachdik in Mamme Loshen). Then the real war against the chametz begins. Watch out chametz, I got your number!

What you see in the pic is harmless wild barley that growing in Jerusalem. It is still attached to the ground and as such cannot become chametz.

And what are you up to? Are you reading this blog while your wife is busy cleaning the house? Shame on you! Get back to work!


None available said...

Good luck with the cleaning and shopping! I am sure my wife appreciates me sitting and reading your post...

Batya said...

I am the wife, drinking my coffee before returning to the act of damaging the sensitive skin on my hands, oy.
In this empty nest, I can keep the breaks shorter, by going on the computer, instead of watching a movie, right?

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