Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rabbi Zalman Melamed and Rabbi Shlomo Aviner

My son took this picture of the Rabbis at the religious-Zionist youth rally yesterday. Rabbi Aviner, the Rav of Beit El Aleph in on the left. Rabbi Melamed, the Rav of Beit El Beit and the Rosh Yeshiva there is on the right:


Anonymous said...

Absolutely sickening that Melamed would breathe the same air as the moser supporter RaShA. Aviner is said to have choked a yeshiva student who was blocking Naveh's storm troopers at the Amona Pigua. Evil and disgusting as it gets. And he gets plenty of good money from Moskowitz.

Cosmic X said...


Check out the books Chafetz Chaim and Shmirat HaLashon.

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