Monday, November 03, 2008

Shmuel Shkedi Endorses Porush

6 Marcheshvan, 5769

Shmuel Shkedi, the outgoing head of the National Religious Party in the Jerusalem Municipal Council, has endorsed Meir Porush in the upcoming elections for Jerusalem's mayor. The endorsement appeared in the most recent issue of BeSheva. The article is in Hebrew. A money quote:

בזמן שניר ברקת סופר אותנו רק בדרך לקלפי, פרוש היה ועודנו שותף נאמן שנים הרבה לפני שמישהו חלם על האפשרות שהוא יתמודד על ראשות העיר
My translation:
While Nir Barkat counts us only on the way to the ballot box, Porush was and is still a faithful partner many years before anyone dreamed about the possibility that he would run for mayor.
Read the rest and vote for Porush!

1 comment:

Batya said...

I'd say tough choice, at least for those who want a mm"d education.

It would be easier if Agudah celebrated Yom Haatzmaut and served in the army.

B"H, I don't have to choose. We live in Shiloh.

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