Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Israeli Police Surrender To Arab Threats of Violence

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Ichud Leumi MK Aryeh Eldad is reportedly en route to Umm El-Fahm in order to replace Baruch Marzel as the party's election booth monitor there.

In response to the police decision to block Marzel from entering the city and carrying out his duty, MK Eldad said: "The Israel Police, apparently at [Attorney General Menachem] Mazuz's instructions, surrendered this morning to the Arab terror of Israel's enemies from within. The State of Israel has announced openly that it surrenders to violence, blackmail and treachery from the Arab sector."

The Commander of the Police's Amakim Region, Brig-Gen.Zohar Dvir, met Land of Israel activist Baruch Marzel at Barka'I Junction on Highway 65 and handed him an official letter announcing he could not enter Umm El Fahm. Police said the decision was "based upon intelligence reports of a serious danger to the public safety and in order to make it possible to hold elections properly and without disorder."
This is the same police that bends over backwards (no pun intended) to let homosexuals parade in Jerusalem.

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Anonymous said...

SettlerJoe reported that Eldad had to leave because of Arab rioting as well... so I guess Ichud Leumi gets screwed?

If it had been a bunch of crazy Kach kids, they would have gotten arrested... but the Arabs, they can use violence to defeat democracy?

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