Friday, February 06, 2009

Vote Orange Because We Were Right!


Jason H. Elbaum said...

An all-too-common fallacy. "We were right" is a poor reason to vote for someone.

We are voting to elect the country's next set of leaders. We should be voting on the basis of what we want implemented, and who we most trust to get that done.

The orange camp was right about the "disengagement", but they were entirely ineffective in preventing it. They weren't even effective in facilitating the resettlement and rehabilitation of the refugees. And I have yet to hear any realistic proposals from them for the coming years. Finally, the Ichud Leumi's open alliance with the neo-Kahanists will keep them out of virtually any conceivable government.

It can feel satisfying to vote for someone because they were right and agree with you, but is it really the most effective way to promote your interests in government?

Anonymous said...

There point is simple... Everyone called the anti-expulsion camp crazy and extremist.

Therefore, their message is simple:

We understood all along that the so-called "disengagement" was welcoming disaster... so vote for us. We fought national suicide the first time, and we'll do it again.

I think that is a very important message to convey.

Anyway, shabbat shalom to all.

Cosmic X said...


I'll be very surprised if Bibi (assuming that he wins) will form a government without the National Union.

Let's see what happens.

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